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Cuisine in Kosovo Albanian: Kuzhina kosovare is similar to the cuisine of the surrounding places Montenegrosouthern SerbiaAlbaniaRepublic of Macedoniaand has been significantly influenced by Turkish cuisine and Pre cuisinespecifically Balkan cuisine. Common dishes include burekpies, flijakebabsuxhuk and other sausages, stuffed pepperslamb, beans, sarmaburjan, pita and rice.

Bread and dairy are important staples in Kosovar Albanian cuisine. The most widely used dairy products fa,ilje milk, yogurt, ayranspreads, cheese and kaymak. Meat beef, chicken and lambbeans, rice and peppers are, likewise, major parts of the Kosovo Albanian diet.

Kosovan cuisine

Vegetables are used seasonally. Usually, cucumberstomatoes and cabbage are pickled. Herbs such as salt, black pepper, red pepper and Vegeta are also popular. Kosovo Albanian cuisine has similarity with the Balkan cuisine, influenced by Albanian, Croatian, Serbian and Greek cuisine, especially a notable influence familie the Turkish cuisine.

Most of the cuisine consists homemade traditional peer. Homemade it is not only Kosovo’s favorite dish but is significantly the healthiest and freshest way to eat.

Kosovo albaniancuisine is not the same throughout the year. Its cuisine adjusts with the climate and the seasons and different regions in Kosovo have different dishes.

The most common dishes like burekpies, flijakebab, suxhuksausages, stuffed peppers, lamb, beans, sarmarice dishes and much more are used in the daily cuisine. Dairy products are always present in the daily dishes.

The most common ones are milk, yogurt, ayranspreads, cheese and kaymak. Kosovo’s cuisine basic elements that are used to cook traditional food are: Meat, vegetables, herbs mostly Mediterranean herbs. With the diversity of pies and meat, the Kosovo daily cuisine goes well with hot summers and cold winters. As a result of its continental climate the fresh vegetables are consumed in summer.


The most common dishes during the winter famlje in Kosovo are made out of vegetable pickles and ajvar hot or mild red peppers. These two dishes are usually done in the late summer days and are being consumed mostly in winter.

Homemade food is still preferred by Kosovar people. Although the new western influence pushes the new generation to eat out, Kosovars usually prefer to eat at home. The key ingredient in most pastries is shorbet, which is used as a topping.

Si të gatuajmë gjellëra? Lexo 1,+ receta nga Kuzhina Shqiptare

Shorbet consists of water boiled with sugar. Other ingredients used in most meat dishes are, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, recetaa, red pepper, black pepper, and salt. Breakfast in Kosovo is simple, usually consisting of bread and cheeseajvar or scrambled eggs, with milk.

French toast is also eaten by people in Kosovo. The dairy products are all locally produced, and you can get some at local Farmers Markets. The pita is one of the most popular traditional breads, especially during Ramadan. It is usually used for breakfast and, in some cities, you can find somun baked with eggs and sujuk on top. Also, corn bread is very popular in Kosovo; it is called leqenik and it is often filled with spinach, or cheese. Although, it is eaten without any filling as well.

Pies in Kosovo are known erceta “trejte”, [4] or “pite”. A variety of pies are common in Kosovo. Most of the Salads are made quickly and simply. Typical salads ingredients include tomatoes, onion, garlic, pepper, cucumber, potato, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, and beans.

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It is cooked with lamb, eggplants, green peppers, onions, tomatoes and served hot. Sujuk which consists of ground meat, usually beef, but in some non-Muslim parts of Kosovo, it is also made with pork. The most used fish dishes constitute of fried freshwater fish, like Zander and Carp. The garnish is composed of garlic, bay leaf, tomato, parsley. The head of the carp is usually served to the main guest. Traditional Kosovan desserts are often made with sherbet, which is cooked sugar with either lemon or vanilla flavor.


Baklava is one of the most widely used pastries in Kosovo.

Sheqer Pare is a pastry similar to Baklava, as it is topped with Sherbet. Other pastries such as KaqamakTespishte, Rovani, Tulluma and Pallaqinka are also a very popular breakfast foods in Kosovo. They are faamilje topped with Nutella, Cheese, or Honey. Shampite or Llokuma is served as a treat for children, and mostly as the first treat to guests on the days of Bayram.

The most popular traditional drink in Kosovo is rasoj. One popular drink in Kosovo is boza, a malt drink made from maize and wheat. Another is grape rakijathe most widespread variety of rakija in Familie. Kompota drink made from recwta of fruits boiled with sugars, is served during the start famolje autumn when seasonal fruits such as apples and quince are ripe.

Graham, Adam 20 August Kosovan cuisine Cuisine in Kosovo Albanian: Preparation Homemade food is still preferred by Kosovar people. Key ingredients The key ingredient in most pastries is shorbet, which is used as a topping. Breakfast Breakfast in Kosovo is simple, usually consisting of bread and cheeseajvar or scrambled eggs, reeta milk. Bread The pita is one of the most popular traditional breads, especially during Ramadan. Sarma in cabbage leaves.

Sarma, peppers filled with kefir and cottage cheese, and pite. A glass of boza. Archaeology of Kosovo Monuments Neolithic sites. States with limited recognition.

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