FRS™ SCREW FOREFOOT RECONSTRUCTION SYSTEM – Biomet · · FRS® Fusion and Reconstruction System Standard Staple. BAROUK Screw Developed by yntheses of small bones / fragments Threaded head can be countersunk. S.1 This easy to use fixation device has been. 2 Contents BAROUK Screw 2 FRS Screw 3 TWISTOFF Screw 4 MEMORY 12 and 20 Staples 5 VARISATION Staple 6 BAROUK Screw Surgical Technique 7.

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For more information please contact your customer service advisor. Figure 2 Figure 3 The length of the screw must be 5 mm less than the measurement obtained. We are dedicated to developing products, service methods and approaches that. The warmth of one s body will cause the staple to close faster. The present invention relates to a self-compressing and barohk osteosynthesis screw for surgery of small bones or of small bone fragments, in particular those of the foot.

Drapes and gowns Place a temporary axial pin A temporary axial pin prevents displacement of the fragments when the staple is introduced.

The use of a modified Hinge spreader ensures a safe osteotomy by providing adequate protection. X Patients and Caregivers Medical Professionals.

Please select a location and click search to find an associate near you. The stable result obtained with the FRS screw is such that early weight bearing and rapid functional rehabilitation are possible. Thus, the screw according to the invention advantageously replaces the two screws—the cannulated one and the separable one—of the prior art set out above.

Figure 4 Step 4: Osteotomies of the lesser metatarsal such as a Weil osteotomy Twist-off feature allows for a clean break between shank and screw, as screw head engages bone Titanium alloy construction for increased implant strength and biocompatibility Design enables tightening or removal with a dedicated screwdriver One-piece design that supports direct connection to a drill or large diameter pin driver Compression capabilities with a threadfree segment that achieves automatic compression at the osteotomy site Self-drilling and self-tapping with a tapered flat head to ensure cortical drilling Size configuration: Figure 8 Step 8: Table of contents Indications 2.


The toe should be positioned in a neutral rotation nail plate parallel to the floor and parallel to the second toe. Osteotomies of the first phalanx of the foot Indications for the 20 mm Memory Staple: For small-statured adults and pediatric patients, using outrigger posts.

Scapula Plating System Scapula Plating System Acumed is a global leader of innovative orthopaedic and medical solutions.

In order to ensure good bicortical purchase, the surgeon should select a staple length 1 mm longer than the reading Figure 5. Self-compressing and atraumatic osteosynthesis screw 1comprising a threaded proximal head 2a body 4 forming a threaded distal part 5 and, between the head and the distal part, a smooth section 6 whose length is short compared to the length of the distal part, the threading 7 of the latter having a pitch greater than that of the threading 3 of the proximal head, and a longitudinal channel 8 arranged from one end to, the other of said screw in order to receive a guide pin, characterized in that it includes means allowing it to fix the small bones or small bone fragments of the skeleton after an osteotomy or a fracture, and in particular any one of the five metatarsals 1314 of a human foot.

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Remove the temporary axial pin. Scrw Screw Systems from Zimmer Biomet include a wide range of specific and general use cannulated screws for mini- small- and large-bone applications in the foot and ankle. This provides better fragment coaptation as well as a larger interfragmental surface area.

Designed to provide stable internal fixation. Broad Continuum of Care in Ankle Reconstruction Zimmer Biomet offers a variety of implants designed for the reconstruction of the ankle and subtalar joints.

Figure 6 Fixation is generally achieved by introducing a 0. In the example below screw placement is demonstrated on a Scarf osteotomy. Drapes and gowns 3. System, device, composition and method for treating and preventing avascular or osteonecrosis. We are dedicated to developing products, service methods and approaches that improve More information.


Foot and Ankle Solutions by Zimmer Biomet

Scerw longitudinal channel 8 is arranged axially from one end bariuk the other of the screw 1 and opens out at both its opposite ends, this channel 8 being intended to receive a guide pin not shown. Hallux Valgus Osteotomies Arthrodesis Osteosynthesis 1. Partially threaded and fully threaded designs allow the surgeon baroul cover the spectrum of applications.

The length of the screw is between 10 and 22 mm. Find A Sales Associate. A screw length gauge is used to determine the appropriate length of the distal screw. The fact that the crest of the distal threading [] 7 has a diameter d 1 scarcely greater than the diameter d 2 of the root of the threading 3 prevents this distal threading from damaging the entry to the hole in the bone.

Flexibility and strength in sternal closure and repair.

Figure 5 Figure 6 Displacements Among scres five displacements allowed by Scarf osteotomy, three are csrew useful and easy to perform: The rotation-stabilising More information. Stationery – Supplies Team Inspired by technologies and design features with long clinical histories, and constantly thinking ahead to evolving technologies and designs, Zimmer Biomet remains at the head of innovative new reconstruction systems. Penetration of the plantar fragment occurs laterally, close to the inferior margin, where bone is the hardest Figure 9.

Intramedullary locked compression screw for stabilization and union of complex ankle and subtalar deformities. According to the invention, the self-compressing and atraumatic osteosynthesis screw includes means allowing it to fix the small bones or small bone fragments of the skeleton after an osteotomy or a fracture, and in particular any one of the five metatarsals of a human foot. It reaches the head 3 mm under its superior margin.

Technique Guide Screw Removal Set.