Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal, Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inside track to India’s most powerful tycoons The. Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr Gita Piramal is managing editor of The Smart Manager, India’s first world-class management magazine, launched in.

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We were exporting rayon fabrics and importing nylon fibre and supplying it to mills. Hire good people, treat them well and delegate responsibility.

On the one hand, he drew up a June black list of twenty-one business houses who had large outstanding excise payments to the government, and unleashed a raid raj of unprecedented severity, but at the same time, he eased up the Licence Raj. Sales were gitx, and fixed assets rose from Rsin te Rs m inmore than doubling to Rs m in It seemed as if his juggernaut was unstoppable.

In hindsight, often the lucky event seems trifling, of no major significance, but had it not been there, had they missed seeing opportunity and building on it, none of them would have got the jump -start enabling them to draw ahead of the crowd.

The companies appeared to act in unison— at least six bought Reliance shares on the same day— so bu was probably one ultimate owner.

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Right from the start, I knew that brand image was the most important part in order to win the consumer’s confidence,” says Ambani. Smiling at my discomfort, he floored me. If anybody says that Reliance benefited immensely from the High Unit Value Scheme, they are giving me credit at the expense of their ignorance. At the s t time Ambani applied for permission to make PS Fit was in short supply. Though he won’t read the Harvard Business Review, he will say: When Parliament reopened after a recess on November 15, a number of MP s drew the finance minister’s attention to the Telegraph report and demanded an explanation.


He denied approval to Birla to set up an integrated steel plant in Bihar, on the flimsy argument that such plants were reserved for the public sector.

Business Maharajas (Penguin business)

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Ambani promptly challenged the tariff duty but he had lost the round. The moment they unloaded Reliance’s shares on March 18, Ambani brokers stepped into action, collared every share busienss sight anO pushed the price to Rs before the day was out.

When his sons were old enough, he would send his sons to Stanford Mukesh and Wharton Anil. In the autumn of his life, there are few regrets over the twists and turns it has taken. Then and now, it out spent its competition with a budget which is on par with consumer giants such as Hindustan Lever. In some areas, some cash incentives were also available.

It was even more so for Ambani. He doesn’t like them, but he doesn’t have a choice. I knew that we could manage the business a lot better, make more money than them, and yet supply better and cheaper products to our mills.

This book also brings to light some of the horrible stories of how a corrupt, socialist government meddled in industry and made a mess of it all. Just like a real empire, every business concern encounters aggression from all corners, not necessarily armed ones.

The corporate world is sharply divided between those who feel he is a visionary and those who consider him to be a manipulator and a crook.


In an gy attempt to teach the bear syndicate ales son for battering at his share price, Ambani delivered the coup de grace on that fateful Friday by demanding delivery. At seventeen, Dhirubhai reached Aden.

With the exception of when Reliance went publictraditionally the honour of the year’s largest issue goes to Reliance.

If you think you’re piramzl wrong you come back to me but go ahead and do it. Pranab was in the finance ministry, which does not issue licences. Reliance had the entire complex fully functional in twenty-one days. In this rarefied atmosphere, the earthy Ambani with his swarthy complexion and robust hail-fellow-well-met manner was a powerful presence. Except Ambani who was ready to lick the boots of bureaucrats and politicians and bribe them to get his work done, all the others who refused to comply was tortured, and had to fight tooth and nail to run their businesses, from the Income Tax department raiding the diamond merchants to the gutsy Khaitan who runs his business under the shadow of ULFA naxals with a businezs army to the Bajajs who had to endure riots in front of their business and their maharajaw controlled not by demand but by the govt businsss.

The reality was quite the opposite. After setting up our plant, their business with India has grown-they’ve sold technology, to five joint sector projects. I recommend this book to anyone interested in the Indian business leaders and families prior to the economic liberalization in