A German guy named Cadfael has posted hundreds of standard bass and guitar wiring diagrams for public use in PDF format. If this is old news. The complete series list for – A Brother Cadfael Mystery Ellis Peters. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. Apparently, just mentioning Cadfael in a recent post made it abundantly clear that there are quite a Thinking about it, I realized that the Cadfael miniseries is that exact thing for me. .. Trystan L. Bass September 22nd,

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Cadfaels kleine Schaltplan-Sammlung für passive E-Bässe

Feb 23, 8. I wish i could afford stuff like that but it is fun to look anyway. Feb 5, 5. Kebmel and nojazzhere like this.

Are These Wiring Diagrams Accurate? If you do tear it up though, takes lots pictures.

Feb 25, A Squier or Rondo offering for to at decent quality. It was all right there, as described. Sorry, trying to post images smaller than x pixels, haven’t figured it out yet. KebmelPiggy Studavidchagrin and 1 other person like this. The wiring is by me I took more depth out of the body where the neck is positioned ie that area where you knock out the partition between the pocket and the guitar neck pickup cavity.


ZepfanFeb 26, We have a bass builder in Germany who also makes semi-hollow “Tele-Guit-Basses”. The diagrams appear on pages of the Cadfael documents. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Tele Bass Build Update

Feb 23, 2. Me, after watching Cadfael. Derek Jacobi makes up for all.

It is to remain as is. Well here i am again updating my slow but steady progress on the bass build. All credit to Cadfael his work looks excellent and I claim no authorship over his diagrams, I’m only posting this as a resource for other Ricki owners.

No, create an account now. Feb 23, 7. I assume this is the 32″ neck fitted to this body? Feb 23, GunnyFeb 5, Team Pertwee all the way. Actually the photo is about a week old and a few more things have been done but are not shown.

Doug 54 likes this. Thanks for writing this one!! Sadly, not a lot of film choices in that period. Glad to see you’re approaching the finish line on your instrument build. Feb 5, 6. Do you already have an account?

It looks and sounds a whole lot better. I used the Pbass unit because i had it left over from another project. Log in or Sign up. Users browsing this forum: The costumes are in no real way historically accurate, especially once you look past the monks and start paying attention to the secular characters.


BillnchristyFeb 23, TaildraggerFeb 23, Yes, my password is: Basically, the female version of Cadfael. cxdfael

Cadfael Is My Comfort Object

But yes you could get a Tele for cheap these days. Sadly now closed and long gone!

That makes it so much better. Just try to ignore the obvious machine stitching on her wimple. When final photos are posted i will be more careful to accurately display proper color balance. And Brother Jerome is my favorite!!! cadfasl

Plenty of Tele guitars around but what you have there looks pretty unique. Recycled Movie Costumes Trystan L. Jon Pertwee was the Third Doctor. CadfaelFeb 7,