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If sseneca title were to be given to these letters, it would be fair to name them ‘Reflections. He offers, instead, an unsystematic mass of advice.

Seneca was also a great hypocrite — at least many of his contemporaries thought so. The letters are mostly didactic. And in fact, if we can trust the way in which Seneca faced his forced suicide there was not much difference between practice and philosophy. I keep this book on my nightstand and read it just one letter at a time, and sometimes weeks go by before I read another.

But, whatever the case, Seneca was open to other philosophical influences besides just the Stoical, and Epicurus is a notable secondary, if not a primary, influence. Cartas a Lucilio by Seneca. Gregory Hays once said about Marcus Aurelius that “not being a tyrant was something he had to work at one day at a time” and often, Seneca lost that battle. Seneca’s letters, naturally, took on a much more persuasive tone than the Meditations while remaining true to the central themes of Stoicism.

Also, Seneca is rarely if ever praised as a groundbreaking philosophical thinker. View all 19 comments. Seneca defines philosophy not as a system of logical rules for old men to argue about and rearrange, but as a means to prescribe a way of life. But readers interested in learning about Stoicism in general will be well served by this book.

Only in this way can true happiness be achieved. Where there is an evil conscience something may bring safety, but nothing can bring ease; for a man imagines that, even if he is not under arrest, he may soon be arrested. While he was later forced to commit suicide for alleged complicity in the Pisonian conspiracy to assassinate Nero, the last of the Julio-Claudian emperors, he may have been innocent.


Though Seneca is often believed or questioned to be not much of a stoic himself, these letters help us know how he might have lived his life stoic way. Okay, I’m not good at reading something like this cover to cover — it’s thought-provoking but it takes me a while to just think over each letter. He can touch your spirit. Lo leo y me parece poder vislumbrar como se puede intentar ser mejor persona. Overall, these letters were a nourishing read and offer some enticing ideals worthy of application in daily life.

I slogged through it for a long time.

Cartas a Lucilio – Séneca : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

He does comment on Plato a bit, and at the end of this work, he even provides some discussion relating to physics and metaphysics. He can help you to stop and think about the best way to live your life.

On the importance of continuous learning: The more the mind takes in the more it expands. He therefore wielded tremendous power, and power rises to men’s heads faster than opiates. While he was later forced to commit suicide for alleged complicity in caryas Pisonian conspiracy to assassinate Nero, the last of the Julio-Claudian emperors, he may Lucius Annaeus Seneca often known simply as Seneca ca.

Lucius Piso was drunk from the very moment of his appointment as Warden of the City of Rome. Furthermore, he is more lucid and elaborate in explaining his thought processes than both.

Cartas a Lucilio by Seneca

A person sleeping lightly perceives impressions in his dreams and is sometimes, even, aware during sleep that he is asleep, whereas a heavy slumber blots out even dreams and plunges the mind too deep for consciousness of self. See all 3 questions about Cartas a Lucilio…. The one law mankind seneac that is free of all discrimination. The two works are different in style as a result of the different nature of the two authors-one an emperor and the other the tutor for the emperor Nero, who would eventually emerge as the original ‘Mad King’-and the two texts: They not only contain advice on a vast number of topics, but advice that can be put to use immediately, and Cartad truly believe that his brand of stoicism can be life-changing.


His thoughts on slaves and slavery were years of head of their time, maybe hundreds of years. I felt sad when I finished reading Seneca’s senecq letter. To teach of stoicism while living luiclio such opulence. The goal of living as a philosopher is to deal with our desires in such a way that we can maintain our tranquility and joy. Show me a man who isn’t a slave; one who is a slave to sex, another to money, another to ambition; all are slaves to hope or fear.

Did not expect much but was instead given a very restrained set of letters giving well written advice about remaining calm and rational, accepting fate, etc. He gives poignant analogies and examples from Roman life.

Cartas a Lucilio – Séneca

You’re worthy of her, she’s worthy of you-fall into each other’s arms. Especially the most quoted stuff about sucking the marrow from life, about working on yourself, eschewing the pleasures of the world, living a life of principle, avoiding travel for the sake of variety alone. Be harsh with yourself at times Pleasure is low, petty, to be deemed worthless, shared even by dumb animals—the tiniest and meanest of whom fly towards pleasure.

But something crazy happened along the way. By way of example, below are a few Seneca gems along with my brief comments: Seneca’s letters can change this.