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We are advisors and providers of proven concepts that help you with a wide range of tasks. Fro larger construction projects to quick proble solving, whatever you re looking for, Rapid has it. Choosing Rapid eans choosing a reliable specialist with proven solutions specially adapted for the user.

In order to keep our proises and to ensure quality day after day, we onitor and control the entire value chain, fro idea to finished product. The design and developent part of this process is built on the solid foundation of our Swedish heritage, with effective and easy alssfix as well as a product range filled with a wide variety of products for effective fastening.

Rapid are always catalogje at hand. Our distribution network covers the entire world and in Europe and Asia we have fully-owned production facilities.

This gives us alsafiix strength with a local presence, aking national and regional adaptations of our product range possible. It also akes it possible for us to provide our users with an unsurpassed offer, no atter the arket. Our approach to developing, alsafxi and arketing products is all about efficiency, innovation, quality and siplicity.

That s why we ve chosen to call our way of doing things Svensk Effixity. This is best explained by the constant care we show for our traditions and our way of doing things – aking it easy for our users by offering products that fulfil their ever-changing needs and requireents.

Ever since we were established inwe ve based our copany concept on Swedish engineering. Soething that translates into aong any other things reliable quality catlogue siplifies the lives of our users.

Our entrepreneurial inheritance is also characterised by being quick to respond and ready to ebrace and adapt to the latest needs zlsafix deands of the arket. We continuously develop and produce new solutions, keeping up with the shifting deands and requireents of our users.

We often find ourselves dealing with, and finding, copletely new solutions and functions, in addition to adapting existing products to fit current conditions. Today, Rapid is one of the world s leading fastening specialists and we catalogye products within three business areas Office, Tools and Inside Solutions.

Our way xatalogue thinking, with easy-to-use, effective stapling products, has had a ajor ipact in over countries worldwide, where Rapid has been a part of the Esselte Group since [ 6 [.

We call asafix Taking Care of Toorrow. The strategy has been designed to enrich our future environent and to ensure Rapid reains a prosperous copany. We continuously work to reduce carbon dioxide eissions and we carefully onitor the recycling of plastics as well as etal and paper waste in our production facilities. In order to reduce our environental ipact even further, we always easure our water consuption.

All said, this is daily work with long-ter objectives. This is clearly visible in how we display our products in stores. Products, packaging and displays lasafix designed to attract interest, infor and guide, because when the store visitor is given relevant inforation, the chances for a sale increases. Broadening scope and seeing the full picture is a Rapid tradeark. In the store environent, it should always be clear that we offer custoers not only individual products, but also entire fastening systes.

Packaging coes with clear and self-explanatory sybols, iages and texts that place the products in their correct context and helps the as good as sell theselves. What you see is what you get, in a anner of speaking. This is also why we ve chosen to use the sei-open packaging design where we leave a handle or a trigger exposed. A potential user who is guided and infored and who gets to experience the high level of quality and innovative characteristics of the product will becoe ore certain that they re aking the right choice.


Catalogue alsafix pdf

Of course, you already understand that store design and product placeent has an ipact on sales. Together with Rapid, the conditions can be iproved even further. We re not only specialists when it coes to our products, we re also skilled in the art of tailoring solutions that guarantee additional sales. As a part of this, we can offer a thought-through adaptation of the product range good, better and best and shelf layout using Space Manageent.

We can also offer a nuber of different activities, capaigns and Point of Sales aterial in order to inspire and guide the user in aking the right choice. And of course everything is adaptable to your particular store and other conditions.

This truly akes for good business, every day. Deo shelf for and Hot Air Guns. Try-e odule for our new energy-saving staple gun.

Like, for instance, fastening experience since Hard work and lifelong experience has taught us what the professionals need when it coes to power, precision and reliability. Our new range of cordless and pneuatic nailers holds our entire specialist knowledge. That s what it takes, to eet the deands of a craftsan.

Read ore about our professional nailers at page 29 and Here, you ll find the inforation that will help you find the right product for your task. Measureents and ore details can be found in the staple guide on page After doing so, choose your desired leg length and pick a suitable tool for these particular needs.

We used it to deonstrate how our clever Powercurve Technology reduces the force required to fire our new staple gun. More inforation on different glue types and their usage can be found on page 62 and forward.

After identifying the right glue, choose the tool best suited for your application. Is it possible to develop staple guns that are easy to fire and siultaneously allow the user to decide how uch power should be used?

The answer is yes. When working with softer aterials or shorter staples the gun can be adjusted to deliver less power, whereas when working with harder aterials or longer staples power output can be increased. This eans that at any given oent you ll never have to press harder than necessary.

Powercurve Technology has been specially developed in cooperation with leading physiotherapists who have taken into account how the ar s uscles are activated when using a staple gun. This has resulted in a echanis that is perfectly atched to the hand s power curve. The Borg scale is used to easure how a person experiences work strain and the findings are based on the results of nuerous tests where consuers copared new staple guns with other existing, traditional guns on the arket.

Riveting Choose the rivet best suited for the task at hand. Read ore in the riveting section of our catalogue on page 4 and forward. After doing so, choose the appropriate diension and the tool that suits your needs. This is no epty boast.

As arket leader Rapid consistently outsells and outperfors all copetitors. There are a nuber of reasons why this is the case. Driven by care for our users and a thirst for innovation, our products are fitted with sart functions based on our unique insights into the deands of both professional and DIY usage.

Furtherore, the ajority of Rapid products are designed and anufactured in Sweden to the highest quality standards a fact that gives extra peace of ind.


This is where our haer tackers represent the best choice. At Rapid we ve aassed a wealth of experience producing soe of the arket s best, high quality haer tackers. Fro our Swedish production facility, our range brings every user a wealth of sart, helpful features, such as bounce-back technology that akes the haer bounce back thanks to the recoil.

This significantly reduces strain on the user since it eans less physical exertion. Additionally, an ergonoic handle contributes to soother operation aking any task easier and increasing working efficiency. R Box Clashell Haer tacker with superior precision and working life. Ideal for fastening of roofing and insulation aterial and dap proof coursing. Botto loaded quick-load echanis with no loose parts Reversible staple driver for long working life Large buffer plate protects the aterial in work Well balanced with non-slip ergonoic handle All steel, heavy-duty construction Suitable for: R Box Clashell Powerful, professional haer tacker able to deliver extra long staples with precision.

Large buffer plate protects the aterial in work Well balanced with non-slip ergonoic handle All steel, heavy-duty construction R Box Clashell Powerful, precision haer tacker for deanding professional applications. Ideal for high-frequency jobs such as fastening roofing and insulation aterial.

The original R11 Haer tacker Well balanced with non-slip ergonoic handle All steel, heavy-duty construction R Box Clashell Lightweight, easily handled haer tacker perfect for regular, deanding use. Ideal for fastening of labels, posters, textiles, plastic wrap or insulation aterial. Quick and easy botto-loading with no loose parts Well balanced with non-slip ergonoic handle All steel, heavy-duty construction R Haer Tacker Holster R Haer Tacker Holster High quality haer tacker holster especially designed for our R odel.

Keeps your haer tacker safely stored and always within reach. Increases working efficiency and workplace safety. Tough stitching and robust waterproof nylon Riveted for high durability Reinforced with anti-slip fabric and steel esh webbing [ Our staple guns ay be used once a onth or eight hours a day. They ay be used for tough, outdoor construction tasks or the ost delicate of interior or hobby work.

In addition, we bring you unique innovations such as our Powercurve Technology. Of course, the ajority of Rapid staple guns are Swedish ade and deliver quality and unequalled durability everything that akes life easier and ore effective for the user, whatever the task they face.

Designed for deanding professional applications and precision operation. Ideal for fastening thinner boards, Masonite, catwlogue aterial and dap proof coursing. Use for fastening insulation, dap proof coursing, plastic wrap, tarpaulin and cardboard. All-steel casing and wear parts inside Sooth functioning loading syste and recoilless echanis Ergonoic handle with lock function for easy storage 5 year guarantee ALU Box Clashell – West Clashell – Neutral Case incl staples Powerful, ergonoically cataloogue aluiniu staple gun for deanding use.

Suitable for any tough jobs including insulation, dap proof coursing, plastic wrap and cardboard. Suitable for insulation aterials, dap proof coursing and thinner boards. Ideal for use on uneven, awkward surfaces where a standard staple gun ight have difficulty accessing. Suitable catalofue fastening of weather strips, textiles, netting.

2 Alsafix gas nailers

Use for furniture upholstery or fastening of thinner fabrics, cstalogue, labels. All-steel casing and wear parts inside Sooth functioning loading syste and recoilless echanis Ergonoic handle with lock function for easy storage 5 year guarantee Clashell – East R Insulation Kit incl staples Easy to use kit including staple gun and staples.

Ideal for fastening of insulation aterials and plastic foil as well as other roofing applications. Delivered with flatwire staples specifically designed for insulation aterial.