1–1. 1. Product Description. The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc and Nc Series offer Section for palm rest removal instructions. If you are removing a. Compaq, Evo, and the Compaq logo are trademarks of Compaq Information . The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc Series offer advanced instructions. Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Compaq Evo nc – Notebook PC.

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Index AC n040c, connecting 2—5 ejecting a CD manually 3—4 AC 4n00c equipment connector 1—5 2—6 turning off 2—4 cord 2—6 turning on 2—4 acoustic port 1—2 1—5 expansion connector 1—2 external devices connecting 2—7 bottom components ev operating 2—7 external monitor connector 1—4 cautions CD removal 3— Security Cable Slot The security cable slot protects the system from theft. Don’t have an account?

Attach the small end of the drive cable to the external diskette drive 1. Turn off the printer. Compaq responds to questions within one business day. Additional Standard Components The components included with the computer vary by geographic region and the computer hardware configuration ordered. Opening the computer display 2—2 Reference Guide Prepare the system for the PC Card removal by completing one of the following steps: Don’t show me this message again.

DVD is not properly down on the disc firmly seated in the drive.

Page 3-toprong plug adapter 2—14 AC Adapter 2—14 AC power connector 2—8 agency series numbers 9—1 audio components 6—2 battery adding second 8—22 bay 2—10 calibration 1—7 charge, viewing 3—3 charging of 1—5 external, replacing 4—6 light 2—5 primary, replacing 4—3 recycling 4—10 release latches 2—10 storing 4— From the Easy Access Buttons window, select Help.

Before beginning these procedures, make sure you are grounded discharged of static electricity by briefly touching a grounded, unpainted metal object or surface. Page of Go. Upgrading Memory Manuual Upgrades and Add-ons 3.


Connecting a Parallel Printer 1. Page 10 Hardware and Software Setup 4. Battery Packs Storing a Battery Pack If a computer will be unused and unplugged for more than two weeks, remove and store the battery pack. Pull the lock through the cable loop and insert the cable into nanual slot on the MEU.

Compwq Bootable Media and Devices for MultiBoot The computer can start by default from the following media and devices: This guide provides comprehensive information on setting up the. Security selection switch Prevents the removal of the computer from the MEU while the system computer and MEU is docked in a docking base. Remove the board by pulling away the plastic retention clips on each side of the board 2.

Compaq Evo n400c – Notebook PC Reference Manual

As you remove screws from the computer, place them away from the work area to prevent loss. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Press the docking release button 1 to disconnect the computer from the MEU. Page 42 Keyboard and Pointing Devices For procedures on programming the Easy Access buttons, refer to the online help file. You can either browse the postings as a guest, or register as a user and submit your own questions. Connects a serial device. Conserving Energy When PC Cards are installed in your computer, they draw power from the system even when they are not in use. The embedded numeric keypad can be enabled or disabled with in either startup state.

Page 50 Battery Packs If the optional external battery pack is being inserted for the first time, make sure the external battery pack plugs are removed.

Place the removed hard drive in an electrostatic-safe container. Contact the manufacturer of the memory module.

COMPAQ EVO NC Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

To insert the external battery pack, turn the computer bottom side up. If you are not running a preinstalled operating system, information on these drivers and utilities is available in the Compaq Operating Systems Installation white paper on the Compaq Web site at http: Plug the AC Adapter cable into the power connector 1.


Use only a 3. Shortcut Keys To use hotkeys on an external keyboard, which does not have an svo, press the scroll lock key twice, then the other key only of the hotkey combination. To prevent file corruption and ensure that the correct drivers install during initial majual Hardware Guide, which provides manua information on your computer. When properly seated, the retainer latches snap into place. Page 88 Computer Upgrades and Add-ons 7. Contents 1 Getting Started Identifying the Components Press and hold Press and hold Memory module may be faulty.

Index configuration infrared devices 7—5 PC Card 8—16 connectors docking 2—10 parallel 2—12 power 2—8 serial 2—12 USB 2—7 2—9 default search sequence, MultiBoot 5—8 diskette drive connecting 8—21 disconnecting 8—22 display brightness adjustment 3—3 connecting 7—1 release latch 2—1 switch 2—3 docking base, connecting 7—6 docking connector 2— Do not insert the hard drive while the computer is on, in Suspend Standbyor in Hibernation.

To eevo the computer from defaulting to the current MultiBoot setting, press any key. Power cords and electrical outlets vary by country. Regulatory Agency Series Numbers Regulatory agencies worldwide use agency series numbers for product identification. N40c off power to the computer, Cmpaq, and all devices. To add a memory board, insert the memory expansion board into the empty memory expansion slot at a degree angle 1, then slide it gently into place until it is seated while tilted.

Hardware and Software Setup 4. If j400c are removing a battery pack that is the only power source available to the system while the computer is on, initiate Hibernation before removing the battery pack.