Croton megalocarpus is a deciduous tree with a dense, spreading, rather flat crown; it can grow up to 35 metres tall. The unbuttressed, cylindrical bole can be up. Croton tree: A year-old C. megalocarpus tree at a site in Bondo District, western. Kenya. The tree is approximately 12 m tall and 15 cm in diameter. Note the. CROTON MEGALOCARPUS*. DISTRIBUTION. Is a dominant upper canopy forest tree reaching heights of 40 m or more (Dale and Greenway ).

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Botanical profile, taxonomy and distribution of Croton megalocarpus: Once dry, it is often not stable in service, especially when used in larger sizes. There are 7 study abstracts related to Croton megalocarpus Hutch. Natural regeneration is often prolific, Croton megalocarpus being a pioneer of large forest gaps and forest margins. Domestication and commercialization of non-timber forest products in agroforestry systems.

A pocket directory of trees and seeds in Kenya. Croton nut oil CNO has been promoted for its perceived benefits in combating climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

Croton megalocarpus

Types with large and straight boles might be interesting for timber plantations, but research on silvicultural and propagation aspects is still needed. Dry sawdust may irritate nose and throat in wood workers.


The resource limited farmers in East Africa, use bark, leaf and root decoctions of C. Medicinal Plants of East Africa. Government Printer, Nairobi, Kenya.

Traditional medicine and concepts of healing among Samburu pastoralists of Kenya. Retrieved from ” https: Additional literature, including pre-electronic literature such megalocarpud dissertations, theses, international journal articles, scientific reports from international, regional and national organizations, conference papers and books were sourced from the University of Fort Hare library in South Africa. Medicinal plants used in the promotion of animal health in Tanzania.

Gichui 56 evaluated the antinociceptive activities of C. Ethnobotanical study of anthelmintic and other medicinal plants traditionally used in Loitoktok district of Kenya. Fruits are most commonly collected from the ground underneath the trees and seeds are separated manually.

It is a drought-resistant tree that can survive in harsh climatic conditions and is not browsed by animals. These results showed that the extracts of C.

Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology

Croton megalocarpus has gained interest for large-scale planting programmes as a commercial poultry feed and biofuel crop with low agro-ecological demands mainly in Kenya and Tanzania 2. Review Article Croton megalocarpus Hutch. Croton megalocarpus is sometimes propagated by wildlings megalocaprus stump planting is also practised. Citation in scholarly articles. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally.

Croton megalocarpus – Wikipedia

It has been reported that smoke from the wood irritates the eyes[ ]. Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this. The fruit is ellipsoid-ovoid to subglobose with a woody endocarp, It is easy to saw and work with hand tools, but moderately difficult to machine; it usually planes to a smooth and lustrous surface; is resistant to abrasion; nailing, screwing, gluing, varnishing, painting and jointing properties are all satisfactory.


There are — seeds per kg. Linolenic acid ameliorated the process of wound healing as judged by improved migration of fibroblasts to the wounding area At the end of their productive life in bio-fuel plantations, approximately 50 years after planting, trees can be felled for their megalocaarpus ]. Anti-inflammatory effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids in THP-1 meggalocarpus.

Croton megalocarpus, the poultry-feed tree: Plant parts used for medicinal purposes are harvested megalocar;us the year when the need arises.

The foliage provides good mulch[ ]. It is usually propagated by sowing, either directly into the field or in pots. Crootn activities of extracts of Croton megalocarpus Hutch. It may serve as shade tree for coffee plantations.