In the preface to his Warhol book, Arthur C. Danto describes how his visit to Warhol’s second show at the Stable Gallery in New York in – which included . their meaning. Therefore meaning would appear the key to recognize art as well as understand it. My ambition in this essay is i) to demonstrate that Danto’s. art. If Warhol inspired Danto to create a philosophy of art, it is appropriate that theory, putting his activity at odds with Danto’s ‘appropriation’ of Warhol for his.

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Garage Library is closed from December 30 to January 6. Does Art ne Marvellous book that investigates and analyses the place that Andy Warhol’s work occupies in the World of Art, and looks further deeper into its philosophical meaning, of course, as Art.

Was much less interested in the parts near the end all about the Moles and Solanas, but Danto tops it off with a great final chapter on religion in relation to Warhol. I say “I think” in regard to the Dollar Signs because on one page Danto refers to them as “marvelously inventive” and on the next as “too decorative and too playful.

Dec 18, Christina rated it did not like it. It is his belief that Warhol’s art of the period fundamentally revolutionized our understanding of what we are willing to accept as art, thus necessitating a new answer to the millennia-old question, Warhl is art?

Also, the cult of celebrity was something that was central to Warhol’s work. Published October 20th by Yale University Press first published Lists with This Book.

Does Art need to be understood? Mar 31, Myke Cole rated it really liked it. Lippard’s book, Pop Arthe denied that he originated the term, writing “The term ‘Pop Art’ is credited to me, but I don’t know precisely when it was first used. Jul 27, Peter Earhol rated it really liked it Shelves: Light reading about Andy Warhol’s life.


I remember as a kid thinking that Andy Warhol didn’t do art — and then I tried to draw a soup can. The paintings that were the dqnto of Warhol’s conversion from commercial artist to Pop artist fanto first exhibited as part of a window display at the Bonwit Teller department store in April This short book was a great introduction to Warhol’s wafhol and art.

Author Arthur Danto — was an American art critic, historian and thinker, author of many books on aesthetics, art and philosophy. The importance of Danto’s definition of art is that its basis is philosophical or conceptual rather than a question of the aesthetics of a piece.

Danto’s survey of Warhol’s work was written for the uninitiated and those who are maybe familiar with Warhol’s work, but might lack knowledge of the historical context into which his work was born.

Here is what was actually said during the conversation between Berg and Warhol: Notice the use of ‘at least. We look forward to seeing you from January 2. Where packaged product and packaged celebrity was central to US culture of that time and waghol definitely ours.

Probably too many to count. Hardcoverpages. It could not have been art fifty years ago. Waryol there reason for another one? Mailing List Subscribe to our mailing list and get the latest news from Garage.

Andy Warhol

Does Art need to be beautiful? Then that’s all we can see; if you want to know about Andy Warhol, we just look at your paintings and your films and that’s – Andy Warhol: Study of Warhol’s art and its meaning.


This isn’t, in any way, a biography of Warhol. Nov 07, fleegan rated it liked it Shelves: Warhol’s fifteen minutes are not up. Return to Book Page. It was novel in the sixties but as Andy when asked if art was going to get repetitive and churn out more and more of taffy pop that he had his pulse on he answered: Sep 27, Haleigh rated it it was amazing.

This is a very short book with some black and white illustrations. View all 3 comments. Warhol was an early adopter in commenting through his art on this pre Study of Warhol’s art and its meaning. For instance, Danto draws too neat a line between Warhol’s pre- and post work although I give warhok credit for resisting the myth that the shift in Warhol’s artistic approach was caused en Arthur C.

Review of Andy Warhol by Arthur C. Danto

Danto is at his best when he is writing about what he has written about before – Warhol’s Brillo Boxes. The evident simplicity of Warhol’s art, which often takes the form of mechanical reproduction of familiar objects and images, can, to a first-time viewer of his work, hide the philosophical complexity on which it is based. About the Soup CansDanto writes that although “what caused Warhol to begin to paint the advertisements and cartoons he installed for a brief time in the Bonwit Teller window is one of the deep mysteries of his biography My total failure at doing so gave me a much healthier appreciation for pop artists, datno Warhol.