Diary of a Nobody is near perfect as a piece of English comedy, its humor gentle and subtle, its depiction of character, class, time and location flawless. It fixes. : The Diary of a Nobody (): George Grossmith: Books. Aug 26, Channelling a razor-sharp satire through the everyday mishaps of the immortal comic character Mr Pooter, George and Weedon Grossmith’s.

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Trouble with servants, tradesmen, and office juniors occur regularly, along with minor social embarrassments and humiliations. Mar 11, Duary rated it liked it. Charles Pooter is constantly throwing out gags and half-arsed one-liners to people.

I don’t know exactly why, it simply didn’t appeal to me. He daily frets over things like shirt collars, boot black, his housekeepers shortcomings, and so on. As a writer and composer, he created 18 comic operas, nearly musical noboyd, some songs and piano pieces, three books and both serious and comic pieces for newspapers and magazines.

He is so proud of his puns that he repeats them to himself and laughs out loud.

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith

Before their collaboration on the Diarythe brothers each pursued successful careers on the stage. Everyone’s feelings get hurt over minor jokes and misunderstandings, but they end up getting over the hurt and remain friends. He also contributed illustrations to Punch and the prestigious Art Journal.

Jul 19, Jaksen rated it liked it. Retrieved 10 July I hope Diary Of A Nobody is in safe hands”. Audiobook versions have been available since In a short prologue, readers are informed that Charles Pooter and his wife Caroline Carrie have just moved to a new home at “The Laurels”, Brickfield Terrace, Holloway.

Pooter overindulges in champagne and humiliates Carrie by collapsing on the dance floor. The writers do not patronise this hapless clerk; there is no hint of facile aspirations as there is no invitation to laugh at social gaffes, the response elicited is very much dependent on the reader more than anything else.


Hail to the brilliant Mr George Grossmith for making Mr Charles Pooter’s literary legacy known to the readers of today!

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith – Free Ebook

Reviewing this volume in The SpectatorBenny Green points out several parallels with the original, in both character and event. It is about nothing: George originated nine of the principal comedian roles in noboey Gilbert and Sullivan operas over 12 years from diaary Perkupp, Pooter tries without much luck to cut his son into the same mold.

Inat 17 and 10, they hosted a complex programme of musical and dramatic entertainment in their parents’ garden at Haverstock Hill. First, he creat George Grossmith was an English comedian, writer, composer, actor, and singer.

This is the hysterically funny account of Mr.

Maybe he had lower standards when it came to humour than the rest of us. I snickered, neglecting to tell him about our vagina transplant. My only regret is that I did not commence it when I was a youth.

Pooter is summoned to meet Hardfur Huttle, who offers Perkupps a new client to replace Mr Crowbillion. The Review ‘ s critic thought the book “admirable, and in some of its touches [it] goes close to genius”, with a natural and irresistible appeal: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Peter Morton has noted that “the history of the early book editions of the Diary is diaey, due to the unwillingness of the nonody to distinguish between an edition and an impression”.

Grossmith is best remembered for two aspects of his career. Before embarking on his stage career, Weedon had worked as an artist and illustrator. I thought we should never stop laughing. In fact, I am proud to state that all of its undeniable mastery the beorge of both authors pale by comparison to the one of Mr Pooter of Holloway.


The Diary was the brothers’ only mature collaboration. The premise also reminded me of the British TV show, ‘Keeping Up Appearances,’ because though Pooter is always reminding himself, and his son, how an ordinary life with ordinary aspirations can bring lasting happiness, he also makes every effort to ‘improve his station,’ if only he can. If you give this slim volume a chance available for free in the Kindle formatyou’ll see why. A stage version of this diary, produced inwas censored at the request of Wilson.

I have often seen reminiscences of people I have never hobody heard of, and I fail to see—because I do not nobodh to be a ‘Somebody’—why my diary should not be interesting. Mar 26, Sue rated it liked it. The diary is written by Mr Pooter, a senior bank clerk who works in the City of London view spoiler [ now that’s a Britishism He quibbles and complains and goes through his daily routine – he’s some sort of clerk at some sort of business requiring clerks – and finds humo I read this because Adam Dalgliesh – the MC in many of PD James’ novels and short stories – gives his elderly aunt a copy for Christmas!

The Punch serialisation attracted little critical comment; The Athenaeum ‘ noboey literary critic thought the series “may have escaped unnoticed amid better jokes”.

Conflict with friends, troubles with his son, an obsession with promotion. The character names like Pooter or his friends Cummings and Gowings give you another idea of the Grossmith’s sense of humour.

What are kids coming to these – those – days? What’s a father to do?