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DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering Standards. DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Title (German). Rührer und Stromstörer für Rührbehälter;.

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The k L a value can be determined by various methods. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. This website uses cookie files.

Agitator – Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

We wish you a pleasant end-of-year holiday. The angle of attack of the paddles of the type 1 inclined-blade agitator was variable. It is possible that some feature will not work. Shipbuilding and marine structures For measuring pressure, a pressure paste electrode was used. The agitator elements consist of stainless steel and are fixed via two grub screws on the agitator shaft which is centrally located in the fermenter. One to eight planes are expedient. Domestic and commercial equipment.

An agitator according to claim 1 for use in a bioreactor having an inner diameter which is concentric to the axis of rotation, wherein the agitator has a diameter equal to the smallest circle concentric to the axis of rotation that fully encircles the agitator blades and the ratio of the agitator diameter to the diameter of the bioreactor is 0. Agitators in bioreactors are essentially used to equalize temperature differences and differences of concentrations of various constituents.


The fermenter was filled with a 0.

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Reaction vessels and their components. The agitator has at least two agitator blades 1 that have segments with distal ends. German technical standard Category: Field The invention relates to an agitator suitable for use in bioreactors.

The oxygen transport 281131 was determined by the saturation method. Each agitator blade has a plurality of segments, including an upper segment relative to the axis of rotation dim a lower segment relative to the axis of rotation.

Our offices will be closed from December 24, to January 2, inclusive. Preferably, the agitator blades 1 are fixed to a blade mount 3 which serves to receive the agitator shaft 4.

The pH was determined by a combination pH electrode from Ingold.

Latest News of the Blog. For the temperature measurement, a PT resistance thermometer was used. Company organization, management and quality. To produce the culture medium, the individual constituents are supplemented in heated purified water type 2 in a sterile vessel.

Mixer and kneader with counteractive blades.

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In contrast to the inclined-blade agitator type 2, the outer segments were bent in the same direction C shape. Audio and video engineering SS-EN Pressure equipment made from borosilicate glass 3. The inventive inclined-blade agitator SBR Type 3 is subdivided into three equal-sized segments.

For these parameters, ranges and steps were chosen which correspond to those of the fermentation.


When you use our service you can be assured the latest editions and easy access. Do you want to make sure you use only the valid technical standards? The standard is now in your shopping cart. If appropriate, the blade mount 3 is joined to the agitator shaft by fixing means. By using the inventive inclined-blade agitator type 3, a markedly higher increase in k L a value could be achieved, compared with all 281131 agitator systems used, not only dij increasing speed of rotation but also with increasing gas-introduction rate.

The invention relates to an agitator for use in a bioreactor. Packaging and distribution of goods The mixing time was measured using a turbidity measurement system with milk as tracer all other conditions similar to the k L a value determination. The direction of rotation was chosen to be anticlockwise. Correction published on 1. Axial-flow impeller for mixing liquids. Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. The reactor is constructed with dished base, flat lid and longitudinal inspection glass.

The fermentation system is charged with 10 l of deionized water after installation of the gas-introduction and agitator element under test.