SKF VKG 1 grease is a premium quality mineral oil based lithium complex grease . The result of decades of SKF Find a distributor. Select location *, Albania. VS Channel-type distributor. VKH Specific liquid load (m /m h): 2 3 20 Channel-type distributor VKG1) VKR1). VKH/VEH Specific liquid load (m3/m2h) 20 Channel-type distributor VKG1) VKR1) Splash-plate distributor. VS

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The ditribuor lowing pages will provide you with detailed information on our inter- nals for structured and random packings. At Sulzer Chemtech, decades of design, construction and manufac- turing experience are combined with on-going development and sta- te-of-the-art production methods to guarantee you products of ditributpr highest possible quality.

In order to comply with sitributor specific requirements, our sales engi- neers and specialists will always be ready to discuss detail inquiries with you personally. We look forward to working with you to develop a customized packed tower solution that will exceed your expectations.

Internals for packed columnsColumn typeWhen preparing column internalsspecifications, you must knowwhether you will be using a flangedcolumn or a welded vessel. If yourcolumn is a welded vessel, then youmust know the inside diameter ofthe manhole.

Prior to beginning engineering ofyour column and internals, SulzerChemtech will vkt1 with you theoverall column height, and the man-hole inside diameter. Liquid distributorsSelection of liquid distributors experience and well-founded ex- The following chart shows a choice pertise make your distributor selec- of Sulzer Chemtech distributors toFor every process application, Sul- tion decisions easy.

Sulzerlution fitted to your own particular Peak performance of your column Chemtech specialists will help youneeds. When selecting the optimal dis- both your packings and ditributorr spe-tributor, professional advice from cific process application.

For very difficult applications, Sulzer Chemtech can providecustomdesigned distributors that will fit your specific requirements.

Its patented discharge system hasseveral advantages: Fewer lateral holes, due to the sprea-ding effect of the splash-plate. Larger hole diameters than conven-tional discharge systems. Anti-plugging, due to large holesand the lateral discharge of liquid. The feed liquid is pre-distributed ata precisely controlled rate from amain channel mounted above intothe individual arm channels.

Low pressure drop and no entrain-ment up to F 4. Drip-point density F-factor up to 4. Liquid distributors Channel-type distributor withbottom holes VKGThe channel-type distributor VKGhas been successfullly used formany years in columns up to 2 mdiameter. It is one piece distributor with in-tegral channels attached, suitablefor installation through a remo-vable head of a vessel. A segmentalversion can be installed through amanhole in larger vessels. The liquid is fed into a large centerchannel, then distributed throughholes in the individual channel bot-tom onto the packing.

The VKG dis-tributor is not recommended at lowliquid loads when suspended solidsare present. Turndown ratio F-factor up to 4. Liquid distributorsChannel-type distributor withlateral tubes VKRThe channel-type distributor VKRresembles the distributor VKG ex-cept that it uses tubes at the sideof the channels rather than holes inthe channel bottom to distribute theliquid onto the packing.


This fea-ture makes the distributor VKR lesssusceptible to plugging. The multiple-stage version is able tohandle broad liquid loading ranges,up to The range of liquid loa-ding must be carefully consideredwhen designing a distributor VKR. Its hasa supplemental liquid distributionsystem beneath each tube to dis-tribute extremely low liquid volumeevenly to the packing.

For moderate liquid loads applica-tions, where liquid mixing is impor-tant, a separate accumulator traymust collect the liquid and feed it toa liquid distributor located below it. Liquid distributors for corrosive mediaPlastic distributor The bottom-hole distributor VEGand the channel-type distributor 0.

Slight Supported on the packing Graphite distributors VSTG can beused to collect and redistribute li- 9quids between packed sections. High Supported on the packing It is a one-piece distributor that canbe installed through a column flangeby following the prescribed installa-tion procedures. Liquid distributors for further applications Spray nozzle distributor VRD The spray nozzle distributor VRD isspecially designed for and used in refinery and scrubber columns.

Pro-per spray nozzle selection is crucial 11to the operation of your columns. This is an excellent non-plugging distributor. The liquid isdischarged laterally from rectangu-lar channels onto the packing. The difference is that theliquid is discharged through holesin the channel bottoms rather thanlaterally against a vertical baffle.

Internals for packed columns

Itis not recommended for liquids con-taining solids. Lateral distributor VERThe liquid is discharged laterallyand guided by conducting elementsto the packing surface. Tube distributor VRGThe distributor is non sensitive onmoving conditions like columnsoperated off shore or on vessels. Li-quid is discharged from the under-side of the tubes. This distributor isnot suited for liquids containing so-lids or contamination. Liquid distributors for further applications Extraction distributor VRX The distributor VRX is a two-stagedistributor for use in packed liquid- liquid extraction columns.

Its spe-cial design, specific for continuous 13and dispersed phase, prevents emul-sions from occurring, even whensurface tensions are low.

It uses open, radial chan-nels with deflector plates to directthe liquid onto the packing. The distributor is a cost efficient so-lution for applications where some-what increased liquid maldis-tributi-on can be tolerated. It uses open channels withlateral slots and deflector plates todistribute the liquid. The choice of drip-point density way your distributor will be con-fi- must be made in accordance with gured to match your application the specific surface area of the pa- and achieve optimal hydraulic con- cking used.

Exact hole sizes will be ditions. VEP splash-plate hole size mm 0Drip point density VD figures con- 2sider the distribution effect of the 4 10 15 20 25 30splash-plate. Minimum and maximum flow 0rates measurements are always 4performed. Surface area measure- 8ments are possible, with the detec- 12tion of standard deviations. Liquid collectors Vane collector SL The collector SL is used as a sepa-rate unit to accumulate liquids from packed sections within a column.


This collector requires a ditribtor chan- 15nel welded to the column wall. The pressure drop of this collectoris negligible. For finer packings, additional dripplates are used. This non-welded collector SLT isoften used in applications wherespace between packed beds is cri-tical. This collector requires a sup-port ring inside the column.


Ditriutor collectorsChimney tray collector SKThe collector SK is an establishedand versatile accumulator tray de-sign, available either as bolted orsealwelded construction.

It is gene-rally used in large diameter columnswith high liquid loads. Pressure drop is a function of the type and configuration of the chim- neys.

Sulzer Chemtech specialistscan design your collector SK toyour process specifications. Whe-ther you need a total draw-off, aflash tray, a gas distribution device,or a unique chimney configuration,the collector SK can be custom de-signed to meet your specific appli-cation needs.

Both require sup-port rings to be welded to the co- lumn wall. The segmental grids 17of the TSB pass through manholesand are clamped together for con-venient installation.

The grid is anon welded construction. Certain high performance packingsrequire additional drip plates. They are designed with drip platesto prevent premature flooding of thepacking. These support grids rest on supportrings or gussets welded to the co-lumn shell. Vkg11 columns over 3 mID, additional supports and majorbeams may be required. EMS is used in small column up to1. GIS is used in largerdiameter columns. Retaining grid ditributorr randompackings RPBRetaining grids, consisting of wiremesh welded to the underside ofgrid frames, are required aboverandom packing beds.

Such gridsmay be either suspended from a li-quid distributor above it or bolted toa dittributor ring welded to the columnwall. Gas inlet systemsWhen preparing column specifica- lecting of the optimum packing and Owing to years of experience andtions, the method of feeding the matching it to the proper internals continuous development at Sulzercolumn, dltributor off liquids, and re- to get peak performance from your Chemtech, we are always in a posi-moving gases must not be over-loo- packed column.

They are as important as se- inlet systems and specialty tailored solutions based on CFD studies. The information contained in this publication is believed to be accurate and reliable, but is not to be construed as vig1 any warranty or guarantee of performance.

Sulzer Chemtech waives any ditribhtor and indemnity for effects resulting from its application. Home Explore Internals – Sulzer. Internals – Sulzer Published by Guset Userditribtor Column type When preparing coumnl internals specifications, you must know whether you will ditribuotr using a flanged column or a welded vessel. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! View in Fullscreen Report.

Read the Text Version. Specifications Diameter Liquid load Drip-point density Turndown ratio Gas load Sensitivity to contamination Construction details 10 Liquid distributors for further applications Spray nozzle distributor VRD The spray nozzle distributor VRD isspecially designed for and used in refinery and scrubber columns. Create your own flipbook.