Read professional movie scripts and screenplays. Doctor Zhivago – September shooting script script by Robert Bolt – hosted by: Daily. Doctor Zhivago;: The screenplay [Robert Bolt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Doctor Zhivago The Screenplay. Doctor Zhivago: The Screenplay. Front Cover. Robert Bolt. Random House, – Motion picture plays Bibliographic information. QR code for Doctor Zhivago.

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The people know us there.

And all his family. You’re married to Strelnikov. She’s served her purpose. The most important person here. Oh, Lord, not another purge!

BFI Screenonline: Doctor Zhivago ()

I told hlm so. It’s all locked up, you know. Oh, really, not again! No, I knew his father slightly. Comrade General, my father wasn’t a poet.


I want to be with Katya more than anything in the world.

All this is an experience of a kind, certainly. Anna was born here, you know. Well, they’ve taught her something.

He had a fourth-class ration book and he was undernourished. He’s had a bad scare tonight. It has a carriage for myself and my assistants. He suffered me to buy him a new suit. Shall I get some tea?

Doctor Zhivago (1965) Movie Script

Did your mother ever tell you your father was a poet? They grow a little more tolerant. The rest of you are cattle. Hide it for me. She could make this common little instrument sound like two guitars.

She’s clever, isn’t she? And I was so looking forward to it.

The private life is dead, for a man with any manhood. A friend gave it to me, Monsieur Doctr. Red Guards and White Guards, this old man’s had enough.

Boris, thank God you’ve come. What is your interest in this girl, Comrade General? The flesh is not weak. You may continue to rely on my professional etcetera. Yuri, there’s a wolf howling! Lara, I am determined to save you from a dreadful error. Visually doctoor, the film is replete with memorable images: