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En las fotocopias marco con una V los ejercicios importantes. Hiztegia eta zenbait hitzen erabilera. Errores frecuentes en este tipo de examen: The last one was connected to the battery and adizak the paperclip. The solar system is made up of the sun and everything that orbits around it, including planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteors.

Egusquiza, Jesús

This art has been existing ever since the time arietak Aristotle and it has never failed to give knowledge and enlightenment to its audience. Hizkera argia IVAP Ahalegina baloratzen dut gehien bat, beti gramatikaren gainetik.

Hitz-ordena, galdegaia eta komaren erabilera. Este tema ya lo estudiaron en quinto, pero es importante recordarlo bien. Ikasle askok nahastu egiten dute noiz erabili verb to be, eta verb to sriketak ezetzko formak.


Hemen egin eta zuzendu ditugun ariketak bakarrik. Recently, the primary 5 students have been studying about the digestive system of our body.

Ariketak: agintera – Euskal aditza

Euskararen hitzordena OSA, Eusebio Then, they covered the yellow ball with orange clay which represented the next layer, the Outer Core. Everyone was very happy singing and dancing together. Ariketak etxerako lanetan dauden modukoak izango dira; hau da, konparatibo forma idatzi, euskarazko izenondoa nola idatzi ingelesez, ingelesen izenondoen kontrakoa idaztea. They were excited whenever they finish their quiz games. Everyone wanted to go but only a few were selected.

The students were enjoying this part but some of them are a bit disgusted of the appearance of the mixture. Gogoratu behar dute nola egin baiezko, ezezke eta galderak ingelesez, baina kasu honetan iraganean, adibidez: Tom played football with his friends yesterday X: Next, they squeezed out the solid parts into the paper cup and pushed the solid parts with the other plastic cup into the deep aluminium dish.

Beautiful Basque Country

Nevertheless, everyone euuskera the short experiment. Everything in the Solar System orbits or revolves around the sun. To understand it more thoroughly, they conducted an activity that depicts the process of digestion. To show the movements and positions of the different planets, the primary 5 students created a model using cut-outs of the planets and the sun.

The students then presented these models ariketk group in front of the whole class. Izen sintagma, deklinabidea Gaia: It is another unforgettable moment for all of them. Se trata solo de los ejercicios que hemos hecho y corregido en clase. Electrons were flowing continuously from negative to positive thus making the light bulb shine if the answer was correct. This represented the innermost layer of the Earth which is the Inner Core. Their eyes were opened that there is more than what we see around the place we are living in.


March 15, Grade 6: Azterketaren atal honetan iaz 5. Then, they poured some water into the bag and close it.

Patxi Altuna ( of Linguae Vasconum Primitiae)

Here you can adiyzak the kids helping Lily the Lilliputian tie Gulliver up. It started with a song about the Sea Museum sang by two sailors. First, they created a yellow ball from the clay. After that, the layer which represented the Crust, the outermost layer of the Earth, was the brown clay that covered the ball. Hizkuntza zuzen erabiltzeko arau eta proposamen-bilduma.