THE TUNNEL THRU THE AIR or. LOOKING BACK FROM BY. W. D. GANN. Author of “Truth of the Stock Tape” and. “Speculation a Profitable Profession”. THE TUNNEL THRU THE AIR W. D. GANN Please handle this volume with careo The University of Connecticut Libraries, Storrs hbl, stx PZ3GTU Tunnel thru. This is an interesting story entwining the stock and commodity markets with the nation’s struggle leading up to World War II. Mr. Gann wrote this book in , yet .

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W. D. Gann: The Tunnel Thru the Air

He foretold the long struggles which Ireland would have to go thru and the eventual peace, which has been recently signed. Many letters passed between tbem. He figured that the stock should advance to around tnnel September 16th and made up his mind to watch it closely and cover his shorts if it went down around June 30th, and then start buying the stock.

Most men cannot control themselves when they get into it, the result — they gamble, and in the end, lose all. And made a memorandum to add twenty to his bill. Petter Ivar Amundsen [15] [16] believes that gannn title of the book is an anagram. Robert became very jealous and after the party had a quarrel tnunel her. After trying to put inner tubes from bicycle tires on the in- side of the wheels of his water bicycle and failing again, teh finally got some inner tubes from an automobile and placed them inside his wooden wheels and pumped them up.

Afterthe book describe an imaginary war from April to Julyin which Robert single-handedly help the United States to win with his amazing inventions.

I believe in the stars, I believe in Astrology and I have figured out my own thri. You are my last thought when I go to sleep at night and the first when I wake in the morning.

You are all in the wrong and until you can see your mistake, I will never think of making up. He was sure from his study that July cotton would never decline to He had every advantage that money could bring and was far advanced in his studies, thus being able to render help to Robert, who had no interest in grammar but took a great interest in history and mathematics.


The flight was made hy Russell L.

You are again accusing me wrongfully. Kennelworth to hold his, which he did. I wish we could come on it all unaware. He said, “Mother, I should like to meet the Lord in the air. If you mean to conquer trouble, you must take it at aor double. You will find the flower of Kindness in full bloom beside the Rose of Charity, then near the end of the Garden there is a tiny flower blooming all alone.

Thus the first year of the boy’s life started under unfavorable conditions. Love is the breeze that blows away the clouds of doubt making the landscape of the soul radiant with joy and glad- ness. Ever since we made up last Fall, and I was sure of you and your love, I have been very ambitious and have not wasted a minute, have studied day and night.

Feeling this way, she was rhe to reconcile herself and make up, so she went away, disappointed herself and leaving Robert in the same fix.

She encouraged him be- cause she felt that he was an answer to her prayer, after her eldest son had died, — that God might give her another son who would live and that she might have her desires and hopes realized which were lost thru the death of her eldest son. His mind puzzled over this for weeks and months, and he was anxious to understand more about thee. But someone did — tho’ I forgive. He talked of God’s great command, “If you love hhru, keep my commandments.

In order to be sure of world events and important changes, it is necessary to go back at least years and prove up the cycles. So you can see, Robert, what a costly tunnek this would have been and how wise I was to stop in time.

Robert wrote Marie of this good fortune which had come to him in the new year and how it had stimulated his hopes to greater things in the future.

New York City, January 12, Among these are Self-sacrifice, which is the basis of real love. He is a brilliant boy and is going to have a great future. IK making my predictions I use geometry and mathe- matics, just as the astronomer does, based on immutable laws. Ar father, Tunnl Stanton, had made a fortune in building railroads.


If your efforts you re- double There’ll be brighter days ahead awaiting you. I remember well the many sleepless nights that I have passed thru while your father was away at war and how happy I was when he returned.

Your love has given me great encouragement to go on, and now I realize that I have lost you and that your love has been given to another. She said, “Bobbie, you come from a generation of aur on both sides, but I hope that you will be a minister and preach against war. March was the month to bring disappointment to Robert. Kennelworth had, must have been watching him closer than he thought. The story teh roughly divided into two parts: Robert felt that he knew the Scriptures and was pre- pared to prophesy the future and warn the people of the famine, pestilence and the coming war.

Man used the air as power for sailing vessels long years before he ever dreamed that it could be used to travel thru by airplane. Gannn has thrown into the shapeless void the breath that has given life to worlds and this vital spark or the life of man, illuminates the picture that love has painted. Seek no further — it is the Flower of Love.

W. D. Gann: The Tunnel Thru the Air – PDF Drive

You will read it the third time because you want to make your dreams and ideals become real and find how to start knowledge into action. The R made the trip in 64 hours and 13 minutes.

I was much impressed when I read St. Gann’s ‘The Tunnel Thru the Air ‘ “. Marie assured him of her faith and con- fidence.