Hedysarum coronarium. FRENCH HONEYSUCKLE. Big bright red clover-like flowers above handsome leaves. Needs sun and good drainage. Short-lived, but . Development of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium) for better adaptation to grazing. G.B. DOUGLAS, R.G. KEOGH and A.G. FOOTE. AgResearch Grasslands, Private . Hedysarum coronarium. Open enlargement in a new window; Open enlargement in a new window; Members can view this photo in high resolution. Members.

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A new temperate forage legume with great potential — breeding new cultivars of Hedysarum. Digestibility and nutrive value in the rabbit with and without coprophagia of the branches, leaves, inflorescences and of the whole sulla plant Hedysarum coronarium L.

Sulla is doronarium seriously affected by pests and diseases but under wet conditions it can be susceptible to root rot and is occasionally affected by powdery mildew and Rhizoctonia.

Tolerates poor sandy or rocky soils.

Tannins The leaves, stems and flowers of sulla are rich in condensed tannins and levels of 0. The composition of these forages is more influenced by the vegetative stage at harvest than by the botanical species Kadi, Carcass and meat quality of lambs fed fresh sulla Hedysarum coronarium L.

Development of sulla Hedysarum coronarium for better adaptation to grazing.

Hedysarum coronarium

Tannin levels depend on the environment, growth stage and genotype Amato et al. In small farms, sulla is cultivated as a single forage or mixed with oats, ryegrass and, sometimes, vetch, and the hay is used to feed rabbits Bovera et al. Sulla silage was found to be a suitable supplement for grazing dairy cows during summer.


A comparative study of the diets of two sympatric carnivores – the golden jackal Canis aureus and the common genet Genetta genetta in Kabylia, Algeria. Dairy cattle Several experiments in New Zealand have shown sulla to be valuable for dairy cows. Effects of feeding green forage of sulla Hedysarum coronarium L.

Hedysarum coronarium – Plant Finder

Effects of tannin-containing diets on small ruminant meat quality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There have been numerous trials in Italy, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand looking at the value of sulla in sheep for meat, milk and wool production. Effect of condensed tannins upon body growth, wool growth and rumen metabolism in sheep grazing Sulla Hedysarum coronarium and perennial coronairum.

Permanent and temporary grassland plant, environment and economy ed. Coronariium Faboideae -related article is a stub. Wild and domesticated sulla are also found in Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, though populations have declined in North Africa due to drought and agricultural pressure Ben Jeddi, The leaves consist of pairs of hedsyarum leaflets with a single terminal leaflet.

De Vliegher and CarlierProc. Genus name comes from the Greek word hedysaron meaning from and hedys meaning sweet.

Sulla originated in the western Mediterranean region and North Africa. They are glabrous above and hairy below.

Retrieved from ” https: Sulla produces brown segmented pods with a rough, thorny surface. Zootecnica e Nutrizione Animale, 7: For that reason, it is used for forage in semi-arid and arid regions Foster, Does feeding sulla Hedysarum coronarium reduce methane emissions from dairy cows?. Sulla has been shown to increase hedyaarum to parasites such as nematodes in sheep and deer, an effect attributed hedysadum the presence of condensed tannins. S Bullittapp.


Hedysarum coronarium

Quality peaks just before flowering, but the foliage becomes less palatable once flowering starts as stems become more fibrous de Koning et al. Views Read Edit View history. Effect of condensed tannins extracted from four forages on the viability of the larvae of deer lungworms and gastrointestinal nematodes.

It should be noted that the sulla species is not always reported precisely in herysarum papers. Intake and milk production of goats grazing sulla forage under different stocking rates. Beneficial and detrimental effects of dietary condensed tannins for sustainable sheep and goat production – progress and challenges. Specific epithet means pertaining to garlands. Milk from dairy ewes grazing sulla at flowering had a lower content of conjugated linoleic acid, but was richer in n-3 fatty acid and had a lower n Effects of different degrees of milling of dehydrated sulla flour on growing rabbits.

Relatively easy to grow from seed. Sulla in the nutrition of meat rabbits. Congress, OctoberNice, France, Easily grown in average, medium, bedysarum soils in full sun.