Research Project. Visions for the Ruhr. IBA Emscherpark: Concepts, Projects, Documentary. In December , the Internationale Bauaustellung Emscher Park. Find the perfect iba emscher park stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register. Transforming the Industrial Landscape: Large Scale Artworks in IBA Emscher Park. Conference Paper (PDF Available) · October with Reads.

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The Internationale Bauausstellung Emscher Park IBA Emscher Park or Internationale Architecture Exhibition Emscher Park was a programme for structural changes in the socalled German Ruhr region from to in order to show new concepts in terms of social, cultural and ecologic ideas.

In the past the regions who had carried out an Internationale Bauausstellung DarmstadtLeipzigStuttgartBerlin and mainly aimed at architectural improvements and highlights, whereas the IBA Emscher Park aimed a holistic approach by restructuring a former industrial region, the Ruhr, with outstanding urbanistic, architectural, cultural, ecological and economic incentives. The IBA programme therefore was covering 7 general principles to overcome the structural difficulties: The intention of the IBA Emscher Park was to develop in parallel structural changes covering the whole area and to initiate lighthouse projects that work as local stimulation and attract attention.

The region was suffering from its image as rust belt for more than a hundred years and even though a lot of green spaces and landscape existed this was not highlighted before and made the region — a misgiving of the government — not attractive for investments or long-term improvements.

The time stretch of 10 years was chosen to create changes that do not only present single solutions on buildings but to enable public partners to activate complex interdisciplinary planning processes that work in the long run. The classical meaning of a park was not visible here, so the aim was to connect fragmented green structures, develop new ones and make the open spaces accessible for public.


For example, within the Emscher Landscape Park a huge number of previous railway lines were located that lost their meaning and function with the decline of the mines. With support of the IBA and public funding these railway dams were converted to work as regional bike path network. Within 20 years — around Mio. With the decline of the mines the Emschergenossenschaft started in the s first tests for restoration and with the beginning of the IBA processes the Emschergenossenschaft set up a programme for pilot projects.

Regarding the above-mentioned effects for investments and structural changes in the long run the restoration was for example leading to the construction of a new quarter at the banks.

Industrial Arts, IBA Emscher Park

It was the first catchment area in Germany that had a split of the fees, charging both for domestic waste water and paved areas with the consequence that disconnection and infiltration of rain water from roofs etc.

With the decline of the mines it lost a little its meaning and many ancient harbours had not been used for commercial purposes any more. The IBA idea was to use the former industrial harbours for new uses and initiate waterfront architecture, combined with leisure and ecological qualities. Industrial cultural heritage was a challenging IBA topic as it dealt with many deserted mine buildings and technical equipment that was no longer needed and used.

Therefore, on the one hand public funding to restore these buildings and on the other hand a follow-up application was needed to manage the cultural heritage successfully. The IBA initiators aimed at creating identification and a unique atmosphere by restoring and presenting the relicts of the years industry history.

Iba Emscher Park Stock Photos & Iba Emscher Park Stock Images – Alamy

The idea behind was that all other metropolitan iab have special features that form images and identification — internally for the inhabitants as well as for tourists emmscher visitors. Besides many smaller buildings that are often used for businesses or administrations now some of the large sites managed to fulfil the expectations. Industrial relicts like Gasometer OberhausenJahrhunderthalle Bochum [12] or Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord are today very popular sites with millions of visitors.


Increasing unemployment rates especially regarding the former primary sector, influx of the population into the city districts after German reunification and the structural changes in general emecher the pull-out of the industrial sector asked for new solutions on working places.

The development of these sites was often asking for environmental remediation and innovative ideas on how to deal with surface water that should not infiltrate through polluted soil. Beautiful settlements were restored and partly new houses were adapted that followed the rules of former architects and spatial planners. The garden city ideal can be seen today in settlements like in Herne[15] or in Bottrop at Gartenstadt Welheim.

House for the History of the Ruhr

The idea behind this cross-cut topic was to offer new kinds of employment or chances to spend leisure time due to the ongoing reduction of working lifetime. Within the cities more than large projects were carried out.

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