I have what I believe are my perceived differences between these two, but the only differences that seem to be apparent based on the Ilford. ILFORD PQ UNIVERSAL is a liquid concentrate dimezones/hydroquinone developer suitable for the dish/tray developing of all RC and FB black and white. Hi, I’m a bit confused. I bought a new bottle of developer a couple of days ago because it is listed as ‘universal’ for both paper and film, There is.

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Discussion in ‘ Medium Format ‘ started by ric 1Jul 13, Ilford PQ Universal film developing?

Hi, I’m a bit confused. I bought a new bottle of developer a couple of days ago because it is listed as ‘universal’ for both paper and film, There is a post here saying that PQ Universal can be used for developing film http: Do Not Use’ I have and film to develop, where do I go from here please? Ilford PQ is generally considered a paper developer but Ilford say it can also be used for some sheet films.


While it is possible to develop any uniersal in any developer you would be better with a developer suitable for films in general.

Here is what Ilford says about PQ It gives a slightly warm of neutral image tone with most papers.

Ilford PQ Universal Developer 1L – Parallax Photographic Coop

Many thanks, Luckily I found some D76 powder stashed away so that will see me clear till I can get hold of some more liquid developer – I’ll use the PQ for the paper bath then.

So-called “Universal” developers used to be popular way back in the era from about to the early ‘s.

It was basically introduced as a marketing ploy to entice hard-up and occasional-use amateurs to buy a convenience univegsal with the supposed advantages of economy and simplicity. In reality, like any compromise, it does nothing well and doesn’t really save any money. Stick to a purpose made fine-grain developer like D for films, and use a proper paper developer like Dektol for enlarging. The best developer that I’ve yet found for Universql yuck!

  ISO 2470-1 PDF

You still get grain the size of house bricks and lousy tonality, but at least you get close to its supposed EI rating and the house bricks are neatly layed.

Thanks, I was worried about the powder aspect of the D universall I double filtered on mixing it up; it has developed some Ilford FP4 Plus excellently.

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