HM Government, JDP Campaign Planning. Add to My Bookmarks Export citation. HM Government, JDP Campaign Planning. Type: Document; Date. CAMPAIGN PLANNING. HANDBOOK. Academic Year Editor: COL Mark Haseman. United States Army War College. Department of Military Strategy. and JDP , Campaign Planning. The British define campaign as a set of military operations planned and conducted to achieve strategic objectives within .

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By exercising armed violence and.


Globalisation of ideas, expertise and economies, however, means that crises are rarely bounded; both regional and global actors may seek to manipulate events to their advantage. Belligerents are hostile to each other; they may oppose the desired outcome, even if not directly hostile to the presence of an intervention force.

Analysis, the scope of which is described in Annex 1A, indicates: Examples include groups benefiting from plannibg war economy: He re-directs, seeks clarification and adds perspective, not least because the knowledge stemming from his oversight of all operational activity makes him an invaluable contributor Membership.

The guidance will be developed over time in the light of practical experience. The constituents of a nation or society include the rule of law, education, commercial, humanitarian and health, information, military, nd Edition.

Constrained, by different parties varying commitment to resolve a crisis, their jfp to do so, and internal and external legitimacy to try. As a coalition of UK-based development, humanitarian.

This information is Crown copyright and the intellectual property rights for this publication belong exclusively to the Ministry of Defence MOD.

HM Government, JDP 5-00 Campaign Planning

Its emphasis on quantitative data led, amongst other things, to the notorious body count. Milosevic was prepared to accept some damage and play for time. Such tools are widely used in US headquarters.


To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. As a situation evolves, analysis is updated by continuous assessment of progress.

Adopted by the Financial Mechanism Committee on 27 February Therefore, he needs to find ways to test his hypotheses, if necessary by assessing reactions to his own actions. They may or may not remain neutral. Expresses oneself clearly in conversations and plamning with others; listens actively.

McNamara introduced many modern business practices into the Pentagon, including computer-based forms of systems analysis, which used almost exclusively quantitative numerical data.

Many crises are influenced by their historical origins as well as their more immediate causes. As with local governance and economic practice, local laws may not follow conventional Western practice, but reflect instead jxp cultural, religious and societal norms. The early phases of Allied Force were a failure.

It describes the role of Campagn in providing a JFC with the requisite knowledge of the context within which he may be required to intervene, as part of a comprehensive response to olanning crisis.

The information generated may be extensive including specific studies on, for example, local cultures, religions or political leaders and an nd Edition.

Most crises will be attributed to human interactions, sometimes with a hitherto cooperative state of affairs transformed into one of confrontation plnaning conflict. Validation guide Contents Jep information. Additional credible views and insights, however inconsistent or contradictory, can enrich understanding Receptive.

The conditions under which military activity is required including geospatial, political, demographic, cultural and language factors. Analysis includes the intelligence process and is a continuous, wholeheadquarters activity -500 gain knowledge of the factors that characterise a situation. In broad terms, it achieved planhing it had set out to do. Adopted by the United Nations in OctoberMore information. These may become centres of hostile activity, require additional protection, or yield potential allies.


Tracking Progress in Advocacy: The results of analysis could include models of complex systems, but only as an aid to comprehension, not as a means to conduct operations. The eventual resolution of a crisis should satisfy the majority of stakeholders, or at least ensure that no powerful and legitimate stakeholder is left too dissatisfied.

In order to assure their security, the Alliance must and will continue More information.

Devil s Advocacy requires a selected individual or element within the analysis community of interest to question, and potentially disprove, prevailing assumptions. A red team draws upon similar information and intelligence as the analysis community of interest less that which only own forces could knowbut applies it through the perspective of a particular actor s to develop potentially different xampaign.

Introduction and consultation 1. Together these enable a JFC to: The impact of a closed mind may be to reject contrary views, and even exclude those who hold them, thus breaching an inclusive approach Challenging.

Ambiguous, in that they can be perceived in quite different ways by different actors or external observers; there is seldom a universal view of the context to any particular problem however manifestly clear the situation may appear from an individual perspective.

Most incidents are handled at a local level by the emergency services and by the appropriate local More information.