thereby (1) Jamwal and Nisha fall in love while waiting for a traffic light to turn green in Delhi thus begins one of the 15 short stories Jeffrey Archer has gathered. And Thereby Hangs a Tale: Short Stories [Jeffrey Archer] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Tragic, comic, outrageous―these fifteen tales. And Thereby Hangs a Tale [Jeffrey Archer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Archer, Jeffrey.

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It’d be tempting to say that since 10 of the 15 works are based on real life, the scope for the twist is limited by facts.

I vaguely recalled similar news items for a few of them. Archer’s stories always appealed to me because many of them gave insight into the days and nights of “regular” people. Its a collection of 15 short stories, 10 of which are based on true events.

And Thereby Hangs a Tale – Wikipedia

I wonder what it would have been like with a different narrator, however. In order to reach the “surprise endings”, you have to read through too many explanations about the various paths the characters have to enact in order for the reader to reach the surprise ending.

So the four stars is more for entertainment value rather than anything else. He seems to do much more with his imagination than inspiration.

But even the remaining 5, while interesting enough, fall short of the author’s high standards of twists. So while arhcer writing is good and I did enjoy many of the stories, the style and subject matter was mostly not ‘my cup of tea. I’ve always been a fan of Jeffrey Archer’s collection of short stories ever since I picked up “A Quiver Full of Arrows” for my high school subject of English Literature.


One story that really has a quirky ending and would make you laugh in disbelief is ‘The Queen’s Birthday Telegram’. I found them dry and too filled with heffrey twists. I would tell more, but don’t want to spoil it for other readers. The dry wit of some stories kept me interested, while the drawn out and silly nature of others I could not be bothered to enjoy.

Well, quite a number of them, but only one survives the story.

While I get that this is the core underpinning of the capitalist consumer culture I have grown up in, it still feels like reading an anthropologists’ report on some other way of living. Some of the short stories you want to be made into longer stories because you want to find out what happened to the characters.

And Thereby Hangs a Tale – Jeffrey – PDF Drive

Half way through the story I guessed how this is going to end. I feel as though this is a man who continues to purchase lottery tickets even though he has achieved the successes he desired in life, simply because the only measure of happiness he truly understands is “more money”. Dos quinze contos, houve dois que me surpreenderam mais: I may go back and try again. Once again, I saw the ending just a few pages into the story.


Growing up a middle-class Canadian, I suppose I’ve achieved a comfortable plateau of earnings and have very little incentive to lust after more.

And Thereby Hangs a Tale

If anything, the ending left me with some bad taste. Not my personal favorite, even if well executed.

I have already repeatedly explained or justified my total anv for ‘twist in the tale’ books. The stories based on true incidents are marked by an asterisk.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This book has shattered almost all of my Archer-is-a-good-story-teller opinions.

And Thereby Hangs A Tale

A simple romance, not my cup of tea. I could answer the question but that would spoil it for a future reader who couldn’t resist …more If you read the story again, the answers are there. She and the diamond she fancies are out of his league.

This time, I did not mind the plot, because — let’s face it — there’s only one way this type of stories would end. Or so he has thought. When the war ends, the club has lost its records of past membership applications. Feb 05, Golden Chiponda rated it really liked it.