Tu Eres Especial / You Are Special. Max Lucado (Author), M. Lucado (Author). Sale: $ $ per thing that you specify. Regular Price: $ Bulk Discount. Check out You Are Special / Tu Eres Especial (Max Lucado’s Wemmicks) reviews , ratings, browse wide selection of blu-ray, Libro en perfectas condiciones. About the Author. Max Lucado es un fenomeno en lo que se refiere a publicaciones. Con mas de 15 millones de libros en imprenta, el ha tocado millones con.

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Interactions Between Text and Illustrations: Every day the small wooden people called Wemmicks do the same thing: Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Kid’s books are so much fun. Todos los derechos reservados. While there are clearly Christian principles being expressed, it isn’t heavy-handed or over explained. The author gave young readers a good deal of reasoning credit. I should have checked before ordering but it is only about 4×6 inches and the beautiful illustrations are really hard to see because they are tiny.

The stars are stuck on the Wemmicks with smooth wood and fine paint, the dots are stuck on those where the wood is rough or the paint is chipped. You Are Special is the story of wooden people called the Wemmicks. Mar 26, Fed especila it it was amazing Shelves: But now the stickering is all the more important. More importantly, it teaches us that as long as we feel good about ourselves, nothing anyone can say against us will stick to us. I appreciate Lucado’s erres for teaching this message.

You Are Special: Max Lucado, Sergio Martinez: : Libros

Punchinello is the cent. And that’s why I decided to make this my first review. You Are Special Gift Edition. The message of the story can speak to both adults and children alike and is definitely one of my favourites. Stars are for being talented and pretty, and dots a Title: It isn’t that the others do not try to give her stickers, it is simply that the stickers do not stick, be they stars or dots.


He does, and Eli tells Punchinello that he is special because Eli made him. Stars are for being talented and rspecial, and dots are for being ugly or non-talented.

The main character, Punchinello, is not as pretty, smart, or talented as the others in his community, yet in the end efes discovers that what others think does not matter. Everyday Wemmicks go around sticking stickers on the other Wemmicks. She’s 3 going on 4, and has started to realize she speaks differently than her sisters do, which makes her sad and also breaks my heart that she’s already self conscious about it.

I love the object lessons in this book. Punchinellos asks what different that makes so she tells him librp go and see Eli. In this heartwarming children’s tale from best-selling author Max Lucado, Eli the woodcarver helps Punchinello understand how special he is—no matter what other Wemmicks may think.

Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo. The good looking or talented Wemmicks receive gold stars while those whose wood is rough or ered or who can’t do much get grey dots.

The more you trust my love, the less you care about their stickers. Detalles del producto Formato: But if you are not star-worthy then they will place a grey dot instead. Now, I will admit that when I saw little wooden puppets on the cover of this luccado, I was truly intrigued, since I enjoy reading books that deal with puppets in general whether the puppets are cute or horrifying.

Lote 7 Max Lucado Children’s Books 3 hardcovers eres especial, mina Wonder +++ | eBay

One day, however Punchinello meets a wooden girl named Lucia who does not have any stars or dots on herself and when Punchinello wanted to know about why Lucia does not have any dots or stars on her, Lucia tells him that he should go see Eli.


Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento. But thanks to a new friend, he is about to learn a very important lesson that kids of all ages need to hear: Punchinello always tried to get gold st Max Lucado’s story ‘You are Special’ is a written as a children’s book but it is one of those books which isn’t only appealing to children.

What really matters is how God views us and what He thinks of us. There will always be people judging you and telling you that you aren’t good enough. Wemmicks spend their days placing stickers on one another as a way of expressing their feelings: In this Religion genre text Eli, the woodcarver, represents the creator of man and teaches Punchinello that He loves him because of his differences.

Punchinello leaves contemplating, ‘I think he really means it’ at which point a dot fell to the ground.

Tu Eres Especial / You Are Special

In fact, it suggests that greater self-esteem comes when we let neither the criticisms nor the compliments of others stick, and instead look to our This is on the coffee table in my therapy office.

The topic of self-esteem is addressed in this book.

I believe it is a fabulous lesson on judgement for children of all ages. I think most of us do.